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Killer Accessories

It can make or break an outfit!

Know what you love and what suits your personality.

For me, my jewellery choice depends on my mood. Most times I love chunky, dramatic, over the top, quality pieces. Other times I like cheap and cheerful pieces, and sometimes I go for simple and elegant.

Sometimes I come across a piece of jewellery in my cabinet that I haven't worn in awhile and will create an entire outfit based around that item.

Then there is my go-to piece of jewellery that I could put with just about anything and it looks fantastic and I always feel great with it on.  It’s the piece that I paid a lot for, but every time I put it on I feel sexy, elegant, as well as perfectly accessorized. This piece will take a simple cotton T-shirt and jeans and dress it up or make a simple cotton dress look expensive and well put together.  It has probably been the best jewellery investment I have ever made. I wear it more often than any other piece in my jewellery cabinet.  It's my Myka bracelet, shown below.

Swarovski crystal bracelet by Myka Designs

Swarovski crystal bracelet by Myka Designs

So the next time you’re trying to decide if you should buy that piece that speaks to you, but you're questioning the price, remember how it makes you feel when you are wearing it and ask yourself, "does it work with most of what's in my closet ?".  It could be a pair of stunning earrings, a unique neck piece, or a fabulous bracelet, if you will wear it again and again then it's an investment worth making.  

I’ve had certain outfits, that without my go-to piece, do not look or feel the same. 

More than once I’ve arrived at work and needed a punch of something to jazz up my outfit. I carefully select a killer necklace and of course it totally changes the look of my outfit from drab to fab, only to have a client come in a few minutes later, comment about how much she loves it, and then wants to buy it.  That my fashion Divas, is a tough call.  Remove and sell the necklace? Ruin the carefully put together outfit?  Let go of the treasure?  

Of course!  I sell it to her and she is thrilled, but my outfit has now lost its pizazz and I’m back to the drawing board to re-create another look. 

So if you love it, and it's really you, then don’t leave the shop without it.  Make the investment in you and your wardrobe.  You won’t have any regrets.

Share some of your favourite no regrets jewellery purchases with us. We love to hear your stories.  We all have one!


Posted on July 21, 2016 .